Gnomon Fall Reel. 

Here I was inspired by the Elder Scrolls Online trailer to try to recreate the tone and look of the trailer in my own way. This was a five week project while at school at Gnomon for my Demo Reel.

I was responsible for modeling, texturing, animation, visual effects, and comping. The HDRI which was provided by Phil Holland.
Maya, Vray, Mental Ray, Photoshop and Nuke.

(Source: vfxmaya)

Helicopter Explosion for dynamics

Digital Sets and Dynamics homework. 

For digital sets we learned how to make spherical panoramas, this is the HDRI I shot and stitched together. I had a go at integrating a cg plane along with an explosion I did for dynamics.  

photo HW_modeling_texturing_rendering_zps35387b05.png
Still render and comp in photoshop.
Maya setup, and texture setup.

photo rose2_zpsbaf08fc3.png

photo rose_1_zps0bc0d2b2.png
Here is a homework assignment where we had to model, texture, light and render a flower. I’m responsible for all aspects, including photographing the textures =D. I did the whole rose in one day, and rendered frames and comped another day.

First try at clouds!

Metal Assignments. 

Here are two assignments, the model and the normal maps were provided. For the dragon I had to set the vray material settings, along with creating new bump, spec and diffuse textures.

For the archer I was going for a soft gold material.

Creature Design with Jared Marantz. 

Creature Design with Jared Marantz. 

Environment Design with Aaron Limonick.

Environment Design with Aaron Limonick.